Welcome to Exception Wizard!

What It Is

Exception Wizard is a debugging tool for programmers, created to assist in the debugging of 32-bit Windows applications created with MS VC++ 6.0. Exception Wizard takes an exception address and a project map file and automatically determines where in the source code the exception occurred.

Why It Is

Using the map and listing files to unravel release build exceptions "by hand" can be a time consuming and difficult effort. Exception Wizard does all this tedious work for you with the click of a button. Exception Wizard is especially helpful in the following situations:

How It Works

To Prepare: Change your release mode compile and link settings to create .map files and .cod files that include source, assembly and machine code. From now on, whenever you build your project, these files will automatically be reproduced (see the help system for more details).

Step One: When an exception occurs, fire up Exception Wizard select your project from the Project Path MRU.

Step Two: Enter the address where the exception occurred and click the "Find" button. The address appears in the error message that popped up with the exception.

Step Three: That's it! Exception Wizard returns to you the function name, file name, line number and line of code where the exception occurred.